Frequent Testing Methods

What testing methods do you require? Summit Environmental utilizes the standard methods (SW-846, CWA, SDWA, SMASTM, NIOSH, API) to perform our tests, however we also can assist with more unique testing methods.

Looking for an environmental testing lab to provide Dioxin or Low Llevel Mercury testing?  Summit Environmental is the only environmental testing lab in the state of Ohio to offer Dioxin testing.  Additionally, we specialize in TCLP analysis.
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The latest in testing methods for electrical companies can also be provided by Summit Environmental with RoHS testing:  PBB, PBDI and testing Methods 23, 26, and 29.

Summit Environmental offers a wide range of analysis for:

  1. Water:  stormwater, wastewater, groundwater and drinking water
  2. Soils,sludges and solids
  3. Hazardous waste
  4. PCBs
  5. Fuels:  petroleum, waste oil
  6. Stack testing

We use the following approved environmental testing methods:

  1. TCLP
  2. SW 846
  3. EPA Wastewater
  4. EPA Drinking water
  5. ASTM
  6. NIOSH
  7. NCASI
  8. API
  9. Dioxin/Furan via Methods 1613, 8290, EPA 23
  10. PBB
  11. RoHS
    1. PBB
    2. PBDE
    3. Methods 23, 26, and 29
  12. Waste oil

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