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      Bottle Liquid-Liquid Extraction (BLLE) sponsored by Summit has been accepted by USEPA as an alternate to the traditional manual separatory funnel shaking technique commonly employed by most laboratories performing Method 625. This automated procedure has been deemed to qualify under the flexibility rules of the Code of Federal Regulation (40CFR 136.6) and the Clean Water Act.

      The method modification that Summit sought and received USEPA guidance to utilize replaces the conventional conical separatory funnel procedure with the actual sample bottle in which the aqueous sample was collected.  Specific solvents are added to the bottle and it is gently rotated generally overnight.  This new technique offers several important benefits as noted below.

      • Permitting liquid-liquid extraction to be conducted within the container used to collect the sample.
      • Introducing automation to gently effect agitation for an extended period of time thereby improving efficiency, precision and capacity, reducing labor while improving quality. 
      • Providing an effective yet gentle means of agitation that completely eliminates emulsions.
      • Minimizing technician error and contamination by reducing sample transfer from container to container.
      • A 'greener' technique significantly reducing the volume of solvent required and the need to use and clean elaborate labware.

      USEPA has recently completed a revision to USEPA 625. The Revision, USEPA 625.1 scheduled for publication in early 2015. The language will expressly allow the use of alternate extraction procedures provided that certain requirements specified in the actual method are met. Such as Lab MDLs, precision and accuracy and all other QC criteria.

      More information regarding the new procedure, now in the public domain and available for general use, may be obtained at the website BLLE.org